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Live a unique coffee experience

Kafé Passion is a new brand of coffee houses offering unique experiences of coffees and chocolates, in an avantgarde decoration and set up and an exclusive service. Our coffee houses are places to meet friends, places to find peace; they are places where business is performed and places to unwind after the stresses of a busy day.

They function as an extension of homes and businesses, as well as a place to escape them. Whatever the reason for visiting Kafé Passion, each and every customer enjoys being in a comforting and peaceful environment where they can rely upon exceptional service and high quality products.

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Who are we?

It is a story of a family. A family business.

In the mid fifties, the middle son of the family, Panayiotis Kyfonidis, restless young, having inherited the «germ» of trade, deals with the sale of various products like loukoumia, chocolates and cigarettes. But none of these products will love as much as the coffee, this wonderful magic bean.

Random at the end of the decade he markets a few sacks of coffee and then begins a great love with coffee that lasts until today. He buys sacks of green coffee by traders of the city, roasts them with great passion, packs and sells them in grocery stores and merchants.

The business grow very fast and the interest of the market pushes Panagiotis to import himself high quality coffees from the countries of their origin, offering to consumers exceptional new blends. The awareness of the «Kyfonide’s coffee» spreads all around the north of Greece making his name a reference in the market.

The next step of his company’s development is the commerce of ground coffee.

But the search for new coffee products does not stop.
In the early seventies appeared the «instant coffee», the rebuild is great and so is born the idea of creating a product that the laborer can buy and to prepare it directly whenever he desires. And miraculously at that time appeared a machine which with some conversions could produce this product.
Thus was born the «SPASTO», a plastic cup with water where at the top of a fragile drive separated from the water the instant coffee with sugar while above was sealed with foil. Once the consumer has pushed the glass, the disk formed cracks from which coffee with sugar were falling into the water. Then by shaking the Cup the coffee was ready in time.

The consumer response was immediate. The «SPASTO» gives the opportunity to the company to be known nationwide, expanding facilities while starts the import and marketing of instant coffee from Brazil.

Entering the 1990s, the founder’s daughter, Joanna, and her husband, Athanasios Matrakas, dealing most actively with the company while the new millennium to the range of products enriched with prestigious varieties of filter coffee and Espresso offering consumers, as always great quality products. The 2005 production of aromatized coffee begins with essential oils that immediately were loved for their excellent taste and 2010 is a new production line for chocolate drinks vintage.

Following the developments in the field of coffee, in 2012, the company opens its first shop KYFONIDIS KAFEKOPTEIO where sold and served all the Kyfonidis’ products as well as a wide variety of exquisite products that can accompany or supplement drinks. This new venture quickly grew and loved for excellent quality products offered in a unique way which led the company to design with international standards the development of two new brands, becoming franchise stores: KAFÉ PASSION and KAFÉ AFFAIR for Europe.

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